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Jessica Simpson Medium hairstyles


The full medium hair style, shown levt and below, is one of the more versatile medium length styles.  This style can be worn straight and smooth, or full and curly as shown here. 

The style has many long layers that include face-framing angles that help to accentuate facial features.  Layers can be worn down and under or out and curly.  This is another very versatile hair style that has a totally different look when going from straight to curly.

Nicole Richie medium bob hairstyles




To create the all over curly look, use a medium barrel curling iron.  You can alternate between different sizes of curling irons for a more varied curl.

This type of style works great with long, dangling earrings and well applied makeup, especially eye shadow and eye liner. Expect to use some serious hair spray to keep the curls in place, especially if you have very thick, dense hair.




Nicole's medium length hairstyle can be worn all over wave, as seen in photo above, or straight and smooth with the ends flipped under. This type of bang, the side swept bang, is a very popular type of hair bang.



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