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Eyelash Extensions

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Xtreme Eyelash extensionsExtending Your Eyelashes

Not only can you extend your hair, but also you can extend your eyelashes.  Eyelash extensions are the latest and greatest trend today to improve your looks. 


The procedure to attach the extensions is painless and can be done in just a few hours.  Read our exclusive interview with Noor Daoudi, Training Director for Xtreme Lashes™ located in Spring Texas.


Xtreme Lashes™ have received a lot of media attention recently.  Celebrities such as Regina King (from Jerry Maguire), Catherine Hickland (One Life to Live), Angela Bassett, Joy Lauren (Desperate Housewives), Allison Janney (West Wing), Magen Ellis (Miss Texas 2007), Shannon Doherty and Ashley Tisdale all have worn Xtreme Lashes™ and just love the look.

Also worth mentioning are the multiple magazines that Xtreme Lashes™ have been mentioned in editorial coverage.



  • Redbook, Sept. 2006 Issue
  • Heart And Soul, Sept. 2006 Issue
  • Jane Magazine, June/July 2006 Issue
  • Teen Vogue Magazine, May 2006 Issue
  • OK Magazine, March 2006 Issue

So, as you can see this company has a great product that everyone is talking about.



Interview follows


Please Welcome Noor Daoudi, Training Director for Xtreme Lashes™. 


1.  How long have eyelash extensions been around?


Daoudi Lash Extensions have been on the market for approximately 3-5 years. 


2.  Are there other methods, besides your method, for attaching the extensions?


Daoudi While other methods for attaching the extensions do exist, Xtreme Lashes™ has heavily invested in developing an exclusive program in which we offer only the best techniques which meet our exacting standards.  Great care and attention has been devoted to perfecting the skill in order to provide the consumer with fantastic looking, safe and long lasting lashes.   


3.  What type of hair do you use and where does it come from?  Do you ever use human eyelashes?  What types of colors do the extensions come in?


DaoudiIn choosing materials we decided on synthetic polyester for our lash repertoire.  Synthetic lashes respond better to wear and tear than other materials.  In addition, we knew that synthetics had the least possible chance of allergic reactions with human skin. 


Lash extensions created from animal hairs such as mink were an alternative, but testing has proven there are higher percentages of people who will have adverse reactions to contact with these materials. 


Xtreme Lashes™ come in 12 different lengths, 3 levels of thicknesses and 9 colors:  black, auburn, blue, dark brown, green, light brown, red, pink, and purple.  This wide palette of lash types and colors allows for customization of lashes to suit the individual needs of every client.



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