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Under Eye Cream

By Marcus Ryan


It seems like overnight those crows feet and signs of aging under the eye appeared. They say no other part of the face will age you faster than eyes, which is why reducing the signs of aging under the eye is so important.


Wrinkles that form under the eyes and around the outer edge (crows feet) can cause you to look years older, as can dark circles or bags under the eyes. There are many things you can do to keep your eyes looking years younger.


Dark eyes are commonly seen when one is tired, has dairy allergies, or is a smoker. First look at underlying causes and then consider adding a quality eye cream. There are many creams on the market that can reduce even eliminate those dark circles under the eyes.



Bags under the eye area can be helped by using cucumber slices, tea bags, or potato slices. Drink plenty of water to help reduce these bags, and you can also place a cold spoon under the eye if you need a quick fix. There are also products that can help with bags.


Under eye wrinkles are the number one complaint by women, so thankfully there are many options when it comes to eye creams to use, because nothing will add ten years to you faster. Here are some of the more common types of eye creams on the market.


Day Cream

Just as the name suggests, this is a cream you would use during the day. It does an excellent job of reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eye. Many work by reflecting light and thus reducing the dark circles and puffiness.


Night Cream

Night cream is used at night and it is designed to repair damage to the skin around the eye, and to improve your skins collagen and elastin production. These products do a great job of reducing wrinkles under the eye and crows feet too. Ingredients can include rich moisturizers, alpha-hydroxy acid, or retinal-hydroxyl acid. Products that contain organic and natural ingredients are preferred. They have the ability to heal, reduce wrinkles, and reduce free radicals which can cause wrinkles.


Moisturizing Creams

Moisturizing creams hydrate the skin which plumps it up and reduces the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. They can be used during the day or night. When moisture is trapped in the layers of the skin it can also help to reduce further damage from occurring.

When you are purchasing eye cream remember that just because it costs the most doesn't make it the best eye cream on the market. Ignore the price and compare ingredients. It's a much better method of finding the best eye cream for under eye dark circles on the market.


Feel free to use all three eye cream types. They all play an important role in reducing wrinkles under the eye. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eye can take years off your face. Suddenly you'll look ten years younger. They'll be guessing your age.


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Article Source: Under Eye Cream