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Sometimes you just need to go with a simple, sleek updo.  Smooth all hair back and secure into a ponytail or twist into a chignon.  Styles shown above offer the chic, but simple look for just about any occasion.


For a more fancy take on the simple updo, see hair style below, you can pull out some wispy strands of hair in the front and add curl to them using a curling iron.  The hair is still pulled back smoothly, yet the style has a somewhat softer, romantic look to it.






Nicole Kidman Ponytail hairstyles


Are you in a hurry and need a quick and easy formal hair style?  Then the ponytail hair style was invented just for you.

What could be easier than applying a styling cream, pulling all your hair back into one ponytail?

Variations of this style could be leaving your hair all curly before pulling it back, or running a flat iron over it for the extra smooth, shiny look.


Kate Winslet Wavy UpdosEither way, this is a quick and easy formal hair style that is accepted at formal occasions today.


Even though the hair style, left,  looks a little messy, it still may require a little bit of work to get it to look this way.

First, you must add all over waves using a curling iron, or even hot rollers.  Allow hair to cool and then gently pull all hair loosely together and twist into a chignon, pinning layers in place.

Pull out a few wispy, curly strands around the face for the smoldering look.


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