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Carrie Underwood Partial Updo Hairstyle



Long, full hair styles, seen above and below can be created by a lot of back combing (aka teasing) of sections of hair. 



Hair style above features feathery bangs that are side swept. 

Notice that these bangs are not a full bang, but more than wispy bangs.  Hair is slightly wavy and you can see longer layers well past the chin.  This type of hair style works well with well-placed highlights.





Style, left , features a lot of extra height in the crown area.  Another way to create this height is to place a form in under the hair and pin the top hair over it, hiding it.  Various hair forms can be purchased at beauty supply stores and even at some popular super stores.  Side swept bangs are very long in hair style below.  They are almost nose level.


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Kiele Sanchez is also wearing a partial updo hairstyle that features long side swept bangs from a deep side part. This style looks amazing with golden highlights to brighten up her face.


Extra height is created in the crown area by gently back combing small sections of hair and smoothing over the top with your fingers.


Add all over curls to this style for a completely different look.