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renee russo long wavy hairstyles



Classic hair styles, shown above and below, feature medium lengths and very basic styling.  These types of hair styles will look good no matter what the occasion. 

Apply styling cream, blow dry and you're basically done.  For added dramatic effect or to make a small change, you can add highlights or lowlights throughout the hair. 

To add soft gentle waves throughout, try using velcro rollers, hot rollers or even a medium size curling iron.

Add shine and make hair glisten by applying a shine serum all over hair when you are finished styling.  The silicone in the hair product works to close your cuticle and make even dull hair shine.







One option for highlights is to go with hair extensions.  A certified, trained stylist can add your highlights without any chemical processing.

The cost for getting hair extensions for highlights and/or lowlights might be a little more than the chemical processing alternative, yet you will be causing less damage to your hair in the long run.




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Wedge-shaped hair style features longer ends in the front and shorter layers in the back.  This type of hair style can be worn straight and smooth, wild and textured or all over curly.  Side swept bangs can be accentuated or kept out of the face with hair products.

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