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Beyond the straight, smooth look, there is the curly and wavy look.  As seen above, you can have a very curly hair style.  Create this style on your own by applying a curl enhancing gel/cream throughout the hair.  Blow dry the hair using a diffuser attachment.  Use a medium barrel curling iron to create curls all over the head.  This type of style might require some time to create, especially if you have very thick hair.  Hot rollers may be an option as well for creating the curls.








This sexy blonde style is a great look for Lindsay. Short, soft layers have been cut to enhance her curl and have been left to frame her face to create a look that is funky, relaxed and bursting with classic charm. This style is perfect for medium to fine hair types. 











Softer waves, shown below are a great variation of this type of hair style.  Notice that in both hair style examples, there are long layers throughout the hair starting around the cheek level.


This style has very long layers, starting around ear level and tapering down to the ends of the hair.  Layering is very important, especially for very thick and dense hair, for the hair to lay straight and not look extra bulky.

Add all over soft curls with a medium size curling iron.  To create the spiral look, just wrap small sections of hair around the curling iron, then turn the curling iron in a vertical position.  For tighter curls, use a smaller size iron.

Keep curls in place with a good finishing spray and a blast of shine serum to make your hair glisten.


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