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Winona Ryder short hairstyle with choppy bangs


Short hair styles are few and far between.  Yet, when you see someone like Natalie Portman, below, with a short pixie hair style it makes you want to go and get one. 

This style is quite simple to style, and unless you have severe cowlicks (where your hair wants to go one way no matter what you do), then you will be able to complete this style in a flash.





Extra height in the crown layers can be achieved by blow drying with a large round brush.  Also, you can back comb sections of hair to achieve height.

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Next, Meg Ryan, below, has the choppy, layered short hair style that could almost be considered a medium length as the back layers almost touch her shoulders.  Styling gel or mousse will be helpful with this hair style to help create the piecey look.

Apply pomade to various layers for the texturized, more piecey look.

This style will require frequent trims to keep all the layers laying just right.






Jennifer Lopez is wearing a very retro, somewhat loose updo hair style.  The front layers are draped across the forehead. Hair is slightly wavy all over and all layers are loosely pinned into chignon in back.


This type of romantic updo is very glamorous-looking and will turn heads no matter where you might be going.


Finish up the style with some fancy small to medium size earrings, and a professional application of just the right amount of makeup.

Sarah Jessica Parker UpdoSarah Jessica Parker has a very fancy looking upsweep that is very easy to recreate.

To achieve the height in the crown area, you can put a form, or even some panty hose, and pin all the layers over it to hide it. 

Leave out a few wispy strands of hair around the face for that 'sexy' look. 

Smart, shiny earrings finish off this style and give it just a little pizzazz.


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