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Hairdos Gallery for the Holidays


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Cute Hairdos 1 | How To Hairdos


Jennifer Garner Partial updo hairdosJennifer Garner's hairdo is a great pick for a holiday look. To create this look apply a curl enhancing cream or gel to damp hair and blow dry using a diffuser attachment. Use just your fingers to shape and position the hair.


After the hair is completely dry, apply all over soft waves using a medium barrel curling iron. Allow the hair to completely cool before shaping and positioning the hair. To complete the stylish partial updo, pull a small section of hair in the crown are back and secure into a ponytail. For added height in the crown area, gently back comb smaller sections of hair and smooth over the top with your fingers before pulling back into the ponytail.



Add all over curls and pull back sections of hair one at a time, pinning into a curled position for an even more amazing look for the holidays. Add little decorative hairclips or pins to the hair, see photo left for a very fancy looking hairdo.



This style is a classic look that goes with any occasion- casual to formal. Jennifer has added all over blonde highlights that really bring dimension to her look and make the hair appear super shiny. Add a decorative hair clip or barrette to the sides for added pizzazz.


Sleek long hairdos, bangs

Super sleek, long layered cute hairdos with a full bang, slightly sideswept make for a great appearance, as seen by Jennifer Love Hewitt's look in photo left.


Super sleek shine can be yours, even if your hair isn't damaged. After you have dried and styled your hair - perhaps running a flat iron over strands, simply apply a small amount of shine serum to the hair and work it throughout using just your fingers.


Shine serum helps to seal the cuticle and allow the shine to come through. This hairdo is sure to impress for the holidays.