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Hairdos Gallery for the Holidays


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Bob Hairdos 4

Reese Witherspoon bob hairdos


The bob hairdo is turning into a classic look that works for any occasion. The style can be cut in short, medium or long lengths with added sideswept bangs, fringe or a full bang.


Reese Witherspoon HairdosReese Witherspoon hs worn the short and medium length bob. Her heart shape face is balanced out with some sideswept bangs.


Gwyneth Paltrow recently had a longer bob hairdo that made headlines everywhere as women rushed to the salon to get this adorable haircut.


This style features longer layers in the front tapering back to shorter layers in the back. Another name for this hairdo is the inverted bob. Long layers are added on the ends to help the hair to be styled under.


This style can also be worn all over curly for a dressy look. Also, since this is a longer hairdo, the hair can be worn in a partial updo or even a ponytail.


The medium length is the most versatile length since there are so many different styling options.