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Hair Bangs


If you are looking for a quick update to your hairstyle, why not try adding bangs?  Bangs are the quickest and easiest way to update your hair style today, not to mention they are quite popular.




The different types of bangs include: side swept bangs, fringe bangs, choppy bangs, short bangs, long bangs, layered bangs and the not really bangs. Three of the most popular bangs include side swept, regular and long. Watch Hair Bangs Video below for examples of bangs.



Probably the most popular type of bang is the side swept bang.  These bangs are cut long enough so that they can be swept to the side, just brushing across the eyes.

See photo left, the bangs swoop across the forehead from a deep side part, just covering part of one eye.

You will need to use some hair care products to keep the hair in this position.







REGULAR HAIR BANGS Anne Hathaway Regular hair bangs

The regular bang is very popular right now.  It features a longer length, ending right around the eyebrows.  The bangs can be made even fuller by cutting them further back in the crown area. 

Anne Hathaway, see right, is wearing a very long regular bang.  The sides are sligtly longer than the hair in front, adding a gentle frame to her face.  She has styled the bangs slightly under.  These bangs could easily be worn as side swept bangs as well.







The long bang can be styled with your longer hair if you want them to disappear, or you can wear them off to the side or even in your face. Brooke Burns, see photo left, has styled her long bangs to go under and they are also slightly side swept. She also has a few longer wispy strands off to the side of the face for soft framing.


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