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Celebrity Hairstyles - Ideas for your next look


Celebrities are known for being on the cutting edge of fashion and glamour, and while you maybe can’t afford their million dollar wardrobe or their professional stylists, you can copy their hairstyles. It is incredibly common for people to go into the hairdresser’s with a picture of their favorite celebrity and ask for the exact cut. However, you have to think a little harder than that. Rather than just copying your favorite celebrity, it’s much better to really think about what styles will flatter you and will go with your facial shape and features. You can look to the stars for inspiration, but always make sure that ultimately, the look is right for you.


Kristen Stewart Face Framing LayersRight now, the lovely Kristen Stewart, star of the famous Twilight movies, is sporting a do that will work for just about any girl with long locks. Her hair is grown out long, kept well trimmed, and then cut into long layers that frame her pretty, angular face. However, this simple style will look good on just about any girl and in just about any color, because it’s a real classic. Plus, it’s easy to change up by adding in curls or twisting it into an updo. For a style you can’t go wrong with, try this one!


Jennifer Aniston Long Layered HairstylesJennifer Aniston has long been known for her interesting and adorable haircuts, but as of late, she’s keeping it simple too, just like Kristen. All it takes to get Jennifer’s shiny, super straight locks is to keep your hair trimmed and free of split ends. This means getting a trim every three to six weeks at the minimum. You should also use special shampoos and conditioners to add shine and protect against breakage, especially if you have to flat iron your hair to get that super sleek look. The key to hair like Jennifer’s is good hair health, plain and simple.



Ginnifer Goodwin, star of the hit HBO series Big Love, recently got attention for chopping off her long, brown locks into a cutesy short do. This is the ideal option for girls with petite faces and smaller features, since it makes the eyes look brighter and bigger and draws attention to your delicate beauty. You can get this look by asking your hairdresser for a simple pixie cut, minus the bangs. If you must have bangs, just do a quick side sweep, and you’ll be sure to look ravishing. If you have curly hair, you can either let it go naturally or straighten out the curls each morning for Ginnifer’s smooth look.


Of course, these are just a few of your options when it comes to snagging that celebrity look. We suggest you browse through a few celebrity magazines and then pick out several pictures that you think could work for you. Honestly compare your facial features to that of the celebrity the cut looks so good on. Then, bring the pictures with you to the hairdresser and work together to find the style and look that will suit you best.