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Ginnifer Goodwin short haircut styles, Ginnifer GoodwinThe short haircut is a style that many women desire because of the simplicity and ease of styling. Generally speaking the longer the hair, the longer the styling time and the more hair care products required.



A short haircut can literally be a wash and go style with minimal effort required. But not everyone is suited to go short with her style. For example if you have overly damaged or unmanageable hair, a short length will only make your hair look worse.


Our first top short haircut style, see photo right features a lot of long layers, but with a very short overall length, just at the nape of the neck. This uber-short haircut is a very modern look that promises to grab attention.


This is a fantastic hairstyle for those busy people looking for an easy yet stylish 'do. The back is tapered into the neck with graduated layers cut through the sides and crown for shape and easy maintenance.


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