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Annette Bening Hairstyles


Styling Information

Annette has trademark short hair. The style above features choppy, short layers all over the head.

To create this style, add a root boosting product and/or texturizing gel throughout the hair.




Next, blow dry using a round brush to create the height in the crown area.  With this type of hair style, you do have the option of letting it air dry.  Because the layers are so short and choppy, styling can easily and quickly be done using various hair care products.

Use a strong hair spray or pomade to keep the layers in place. 




In this hairstyle photo, see right, Annette is wearing her short hair all over curly. To achieve this hairstyle on your own, first apply a curl-enhancing cream or gel to damp hair. Next, blow dry the hair using a diffuser attachment and just your fingers to shape the hair. Once the hair is completely dry, apply all over curls using hot rollers or a medium barrel curling iron. Wait until the hair has cooled before shaping and positioning the hair. Spray some strong hold hair spray on the hair to keep everything in place.




Annette Bening

If you are not sure about getting a short hairstyle like Annette's, the best thing to do to ensure that you will like it is to do a virtual makeover. Makeovers involve hair imaging software where you can upload a photo of yourself and actually try on certain hairstyles to see how they would look. It really is the best way to find a new haircut that is suited for you. Check out our hairstyle demos/ virtual makeover section for links to some of these great programs. Some of them are even free!


This short hairstyle can also be styled in an elegant updo, see photo left. The hair is curled all over and pin curls are positioned throughout the hair for a very sophisticated look.


For added dimension, you can add some highlights or lowlights throughout the hair. This will create a very appealing look when you pull the hair back. Highlights also help to open up the face and make you appear younger.